• Multi-use USB temperature data logger
  • Statistics available on LCD display
  • Temperature measurement and recording
  • Reprogrammable software for user-defined parameter, no need any software to take the PDF and CSV file.
  • Automatically generate PDF report and CSV file
  • Easy operation by pressing button on/off
  • LED light indicating for different status
Temperature Scale °C or °F
Accuracy ±0.5°C (-20°C ~ +40°C), ±1.0°C (other range)
Measuring Range -30°C ~ 60°C
Resolution 0.1
Memory Capacity 32,000
Recording Options Push-To-Start or Start Delay
Interval Programmable (10s ~ 18h) [Default:10mins]
Start Delay Programmable (0 ~ 254mins) [Default: 30mins]
Alarm Delay Programmable (0 ~ 960mins) [Default: 10mins]
Alarm Range Programmable high or low alarm limit[Default: 8°C]
Shelf Life / Battery Typically 1 year; CR2032 3.0V Lithium Battery (Depending on sampling rate and environment)
Report Generation Simultaneously generate PDF report and CSV file
Communication Interface USB 2.0
Time Zone UTC +0:00 (Default)
Dimension 84mm x 36mm x 14mm
Waterproof Level IP65 (with Waterproof O-ring)
N.W. 23g